Advice on incurred Legal Issues

Advice on incurred Legal Issues

As a lawyer participating in answering online advice on programs such as: Legal advice program broadcasting live on National Assembly Television of Vietnam channel, Enjoy life every day,...  etc. and other legal advice channels, we  get the community’s trust in answering legal questions.

What is advice on incurred legal issues?

  • For this service, the customers can send their questions to us via email: [email protected], or call directly to the hotline: 0902 426 422 or 0902 426 122, to discuss with our experienced lawyers, quickly obtain legal opinions on issues that the customers care about.

What are our strengths?

  • As a channel trusted by the community and requested for the advice, we understand the difficulties and concerns that the customers face during choosing a lawyer. Therefore, we always put ourselves in the customers’ position to obtain the highest understanding, choose the clearest and understandable advice way so that the customers can fully understand our advice.

post on: 22-05-2021