Defense/Litigation in Criminal Cases

Defense/Litigation in Criminal Cases

An Luat Lawfirm has reputable and experienced lawyers in this field. They have successfully participated in solving many complicated cases for the clients whom they protected or defended . Some of the cases have been received special attention from the public, and encouraging comments, belief in the results of the cases solved have been sent to us.

What is defense - litigation in criminal cases?

  • For the "Defense/litigation in criminal cases" service, we will assign thẻ lawyers to participate in defending the accused and defendants in criminal cases from the investigation stage to the trial. 

What are our strengths?

  • With a team of experienced lawyers in litigation at Courts at all levels, a good relationship with prosecuting agencies during our services, we have solved a lot of big lawsuits bringing satisfaction to the customers. With the motto of without promising results beyond our control, we always offer the customers the most comprehensive view of the case, thereby making appropriate and optimal decisions throughout the litigation process.

post on: 25-05-2021